Medical Korea Information Center

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Medical Korea Information Center

Medical Korea Information Center is

a support center for oversea patients to help them easily use medical services in Korea. It is jointly operated by the Korea Health Industry Development Institute, the Seoul Metropolitan Government, and Seoul Tourism Organization. This center provides foreign patients with legal assistance for medical disputes as well for cosmetic surgery, illegal broker report, non-medical services, medical interpretation, and others, in multiple languages.

Benefits you can enjoy at

the Medical Korea Information Center

1577-7129 Medical Call

Information on medical services available in multiple languages via telephone (ENG, CHN, JPN, RUS, ARB, KOR)

Interpretation Service

Medical interpretation service available in 11 languages for patients visiting the registered medical centers (ENG, CHN, JPN, RUS, ARA, MNG, UZB, THA, CAM, VIE, IND, etc.)

Foreigners Community

FREE Korean medical and cultural experience program for foreigners (Every Tuesdays and Thursdays, at Myungdong MKIC)

Illegal Broker Report

Consutlation on Illegal Broker Report and information given on Reporting Procedures and Reward System

Research & Development

Consultation and information for cases of medical disputes between a foreign patient and a medical center. Contact numbers of related agencies, such as Korea Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency or Korea Consumer Agency, will be provided as well.


VAT Refund for Cosmetic Surgery

Refund procedures provided for individuals who do not reside in South Korea