Korean Medicine Center

ㅡ The best place to learn about Korean Medicine ㅡ

Korean Medicine Center is to promote the excellency and safety of Korean Medicine and offer various Korean Medicine activitiesEspecially, the offer FREE medical consultations by Korean Medicine doctors to foreign tourists!
Korean Medicine Center in Dongdaemun is a place where you can learn, experience and enjoy Korean Medicine all at once. Korean Medicine activities for both adults and children are prepared. Also, you can get information about Korean Medicine hospitals and related institutions.
If you are a foreign tourist who would like to try Korean Medicine, you can have a medical consultation with Korean Medicine doctor. Preserving the historical value of ‘Bojewon‘ as a place for caring for people, foreigners can get acupuncture and moxibustion at Korean Medicine Center at no cost.


Korean Medicine Medical experience

Korean Medicine medical experience with the Korean Medicine doctor is provided only for FOREIGN TOURISTS for free
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    Korean Medicine Consultation

    Find out your Sasang constitution type with medical consultation with a Korean Medicine doctor. Through an objective diagnosis of Sasang constitution, the doctor gives medical advice on life style and diet for each constitution.

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    Korean Medicine Treatment

    Try a traditional Korean Medicine treatment such as acupuncture, by inserting very thin needles through specific points on the body

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    Medicine Prescription

    The doctor prescribes the appropriate medication if necessary

Korean Medicine activities

All foreigners, both residents and tourists, can join our Korean Medicine activities
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    Drink Korean Herbal Tea

    Taste Korean herbal tea and learn about Korean medicinal herbs

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    Make Bath Products with K-herb

    Make your own bath product which you can use at your home with Korean Medicinal herbs

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    Color K-herb Illustration book

    Make your own Illustrated Book of Korean Medicinal herbs (*Special activity for children)

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    Get a Free Gift

    Participate in our event and get a free gift